We have selected the most common concerns among people who use the services of Box Global:

Frequent questions

Most of the stores selling online in the United States, do not sent to Colombia, those that do, use high cost courier companies, decreasing the price benefit when buying directly in the USA.

In Box Global you will find security, service and very competitive rates.

Box Global gives you a physical address in the United States, so you can buy everything you want, at incredible prices, as if you were there. Also, you find many products that are not sold locally in Colombia, buying without borders and receiving at your home without paperwork or problems.

You can do it under the option SIGN UP from the start menu, then you will receive a welcome letter with additional information and overall conditions of the service.

You can buy all the products you want in the United States, using the Shipping Address of your International Box at Box Global, at check out time.

But if you prefer that Box Global buy a product for you, you can use our purchasing agent service by completing your application here.

Once we receive your purchases in our Miami's warehouse, the estimated transit time to Colombia is about 3 to 5 business days.

Once your purchase arrives to Box Global in Miami, you will automatically receive an email, with the package information, so that you can provide us with the shipping instructions.

In Box Global we suggest you two alternatives to track your purchases:

1. Enter to the company's website that transports your goods (DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, Lasership and others) from the supplier to our warehouse in Miami. Look for the tracking option there, and check the tracking number assigned when your purchase was shipped, so that you can know where your package is and what is the estimated date of arrival to Box Global.

2. When your goods arrive to Box Global, a way bill number is assigned, that you can search at the TRACKING option from the main menu. Right there, you can enter the tracking number that your provider assigned you.

The products that you bring through your International box at Box Global, will enter to the country under the courier option, which allows you to enter products up to 50 kilos (110 pounds) or USD $ 2,000.

If your shipment exceeds any of these conditions, a formal importation process must be carried out through a Customs Agency, a service that we also offer you, prior quotation and authorization from you.

Yes, in Box Global You can consolidate your shipments by grouping or combining several packages, before they are shipped to Colombia.

This is an alternative that can benefit you, because you will avoid having to pay the minimum weight of the shipments before 10 pounds.

All money that we collect in a "non-attendance" way, meet the requirements established by the different franchises in the country. Likewise, Box Global has all international security standards for credit card payments through the Internet, using SSL encryption technology, so you can use this payment method with all calmness and trust.

Box Global has a customer service team, willing to serve you everytime, via chat, via email writing to vozcliente@boxglobal.co o llamando a nuestro PBX +(571) 744-9801.

If you send a communication, leave a message or fill up some of our application forms, by corporate policy, we must to answer in 24 hours as maximum time.

There are some types of claims that require the intervention of external partners, such as customs agents, insurance or airlines, so we ask you for a maximum of 30 days to deliver a satisfactory solution.

Si necesitas una explicación detallada sobre algún tema en especial, por favor comunícate con nuestra área de servicio (571) 744-9801 o al email vozcliente@boxglobal.co one of our agents will be glad to serve you.