Internacional Box

With Box Global you get a physical address in the United States, where you receive your purchases and we send them to your door in Colombia

Courier Service

We transport all the goods that you require, under urgent shipments regime, it means packages up to 50 kilos or USD $ 2,000 of declared value


In Box Global we export your products from Colombia, to any place of the world

Air Freight

If your merchandise exceeds the parameters of the courier mode, we can transport the required cargo, in accordance with the air freight regulations available in the market

Ocean Freight

We offer the consolidated cargo transport service (LCL) and full containers (FCL) from and to any international port


You simply provide us instructions about packages that you want us to store, while your supplier sends the other articles, to fly a single waybill to Colombia

Customs Services

Technical and legal advisory services in customs regulations, for import and export operations, with national coverage in all ports and airports


When you require a temporary space to store your merchandise, while you define what type of operation to perform, we can offer that service according to your needs


If you need us to repack a very large box, or require you to split it into small packages, to save costs on the freight value, we can do it for you, with very competitive rates

Purchase Agent

We can buy for you the item you want, simply fill up the application format, we quote you between 24 and 48 hours, you approve the purchase and ... ¡ ready !